Livonia mcc (Motor Cycle Club) is a club of sovereign, voluntary and equal motorcycle riders. We love to ride, we participate in motorcycle rider events, we regularly arrange different events inside our club as well.

Riding motorcycle- is our lifestyle, it is a thoughtful spending of our time together with our families and friends. We do not have any political or economical incentive, we do not claim any territory. We do not support, nor we are affiliated with any other clubs, but we do acknowledge and respect other clubs.

We believe in Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty and free choice. Overwhelming majority of us have been members of other clubs. We believe- the past, present and future of our members is held in their own hands and it is their own affair the path they take and the choices they make. We ride our bikes, keep ourselves independent and will follow that way.

We are Livonia mcc and bear high our colors. We come from the territory of Latvia. We are proud of the historical period of Livonia in our country.